Hello! Welcome to my blog.

I am an NCTJ qualified independent journalist with an MA in Social Anthropology.

This blog has been set up to document research into sanctions and the people affected by them.

At the last count just under half of all unemployed people in the UK were not claiming benefits. That's almost one million people who are looking for work without any income.

Infographic from New Policy Institute report

But where are these people? How are they surviving? And why are they not receiving any support?

As the chart above shows the number has been rising since the new sanctions regime started in 2012. Are sanctions to blame for the rising number of unemployed people missing from the claimant count?

These are questions I will be attempting to answer in the coming weeks and months.

If you think you could help me find the answers please get in touch. 
I can be found on Twitter: @natalieleal_ 

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