Thursday 30 October 2014

The Invisible Unemployed

This chart from a report by Inclusion tells a story. Actually, it poses a lot of questions.

At the last count just under half of all unemployed people in the UK were not claiming benefits. That's almost one million people and it's going up all the time.

But where are these people? How are they surviving? And why are they not receiving any support?

As the chart above shows the number has been rising since the new sanctions regime started in 2012. Are sanctions to blame for the rising number of unemployed people missing from the claimant count?

These are questions I will be attempting to answer in the coming weeks and months.

1 comment:

  1. I believe your chart also shows that by tightening the hoops one has to jump through to comply with the benefits rules one will inevitability eliminate those claimants suffering from undiagnosed ADHD and "if kept oblivious to their condition" their inability to comply will be perceived "once again" as their own stupid fault's. consequently leaving the system intact and saving a s#it load of benefits moneys, Punishment for being late or failing to turn up must generate a fortune.
    it demonstrates the severity of the ADHD symptom "lack of time-managment skills" even after having endured the consiquences of a sanction having to beg borrow or steal just to survive the ADHD'ers inability to time-keep can lead to many sanctions per year with no authorative intervention no one picks up that perhaps theres a problem? nop for some strange reason they think the claiment is being uncooperative thing is he cant cooperate even if his life depended upon it as so often it sadly did.